Kansha Hair Design

Kansha Hair Design is a creative and homey space and we welcome and excite all guests with Japanese “OMOTENASHI” hospitality. We give thanks to all of our guests with high quality technique and service, to make you smile.



Kansha Hair Design is a place where you can drop by anytime to consult just about anything concerning your hair and hairstyle in a comfortable, safe, and friendly atmosphere. Our experienced staff with great deal of expertise will reach out to our guests to meet each individual requests. We offer a homey and welcoming atmosphere making it easy for our guests to speak freely and comfortably.

The word “Kansha” means “gratitude” in Japanese. Our staffs at Kansha Hair Design welcome all our guests with sincere and hearty gratitude, preparing to provide our guests with sense of satisfaction and inspiration.

We are also dedicated to hair care, using organic hair color and carbonated hair care. Feel free to consult with us anything about your hair.

Through polite and detailed counseling, we propose our guests with desired hairstyles. We are flexible in responding to any requests.

– First time 20% off –
Hair Cut
Woman's $100-$120
Men's $80
Woman's $80
Men's $60
Teenagers 13-18 year's old $70
Fringe Cut $20
Eyebrow Trimming $10
Japanese Wave (Standard) $140
Digital Wave $230-$250
Fringe Perm $80
Perm Only + S/B $25
*Less than 5 Pcs of Perm rods used $80
Perm Only + S/B + S/B $25


Touch Up Color $120
W Color $250
Hair Length Short $120
  Medium $140
  Long $160
  Extra $180
Change to ORGANIC Color $25
(Long +$35)
High Light $160-$220
Change to Bleach +$20 (Long +$30)
Eye Brow Color +$15
Toner +$25
Manicure Short & Medium $130
  Long $150
Color Only + S/B + S/B $25

Rebonding $300-
Straight Curl $350
fringe rebnding $120
Premium straigtment $300-
Long $350
Premium straight curl $400
Premium digital wave $300-$320


Hair Setting
Washing Hair Setting $50-
Curling or Blowing $60
Up-Style $80-
(off hours) +$20


Head massage,scarp treatment,with steam including blow dry 60min
Scarp treatment viage with blow dry


Treatment Only + S/B +$25
Milbon $100-$140
  (Homecare +$20)
Scalp + Milbon Treatment Set
Tokio Treatment 4 Steps $150-170
Xtreatment (S) $220
  (M) $240
(L) $250
Hydrogen treatment $150〜$170

Cut + Color + Tokio $320 (L)$380
Cut + Perm + Tokio $330 (L)$360
Cut + Rebonding + Tokio $450 (L)$480
Cut + Digital Perm + Tokio $380 (L)$410
Cut + Straight Curl + Tokio $480
*Extra Long $20

Kohji Matsunaga

Graduated the Vidal Sassoon Academy in London. Before coming to Singapore, Kohji built his career in the UK and Japan through participation in London collection, etc. Won the Bazaar Award in Singapore. Accommodates any types of hair and hairstyle requests with various proposals based on deep and experienced knowledge.


She learned hair cut by Vidalsasoon art director in London and worked UK 4year and came to Singapore.
She had been Singapore since 2009, making sure that a personalized service is provided all the time. And speak free with English and friendly

Highlight color,Japanese silk Rebonding, Scalp and head spa

DAY-OFF Schedule :


No matter how damaged the hair is,

Vivid high-tone colours,

“To the most beautiful hair”

“X TREATMENT” breaks through the limit value of hairdressers to make the impossible possible.

Design any hair type and condition,

Professional treatment for high-damaged hair.

In addition to high-concentration designed beauty ingredients, by skin care ideas
Luxuriously formulated with state-of-the-art ageing care ingredients.

Based on its own pH logic, with a simple formula summarised in 4 steps,

Damaged hair that was about to give up will surely lead to “beautiful hair” without failure.


The hair moisturises from the core.

Damaged hair

Beautiful like virgin hair

X TREATMENT repairs hair from the core with hair strengthening keratin PPT, hair protection collagen PPT. Increase the hair density with CMC cream, trap nutrients with a kitosan-based treatment agent to coat the hair surface. The ultimate 4-step care to feel the natural shine as beautiful as virgin hair.

“A new common sense that straightness does not hurt”

The impressive straight experience is here and now.

Encounter of CMC treatment and straightener.

I’m more impressed than I’ve ever experienced before.

I’m so happy that my hair problem has been resolved and I’m crying!

After the premiere smalignment, it’s smooth, shiny and feels good!

Even though it’s straight, it looks like a treatment!

I can’t do straights other than premier straight anymore!

To the straight hair that I want to touch for a long time

I’ve never experienced Premier straighting right now.

Nanoisation CMC Treatment


It’s non-tio and non-alkali straight.


It nourishes your hair and repairs damage from the deepest layers of your hair, as compared to just the surface level of other treatments

This treatment does not include any chemicals, the more you get this treatment done, the smoother your hair will be

Depending on how damaged your hair is, it is recommended that you get the treatment done once to thrice every 2 weeks to get the best results.

By adding this treatment to processes such a color or rebonding, we will be able to achieve a result better than before.

Science Aqua is currently the number 1 treatment in Japan media and magazines.

Scalp Treatment Viege S$80

Organic Color S$100~
Your journey to naturally, healthier hairdressing starts here.
We are an ethical and cruelty-free salon professional brand, established with the health of you, your clients and your clients’ hair in mind. We are striving for a naturally better, healthier salon industry and our unique organic green science is what sets us apart. Our System allows you to do everything that you normally do, but more naturally, ethically, without damage and without compromising on performance

ORDEVE Crystal
Professional hair color brand that realizes your desired high quality shade and texture.

TOKIO INKARAMI treatment$120〜
Is your hair looking frizzy and dull, weeks after your last hair colour? Well, it may just be time for you to head back to the salon for a repairing hair treatment. There are however a number of hair treatments out there, how do you choose which one?
We dig into our reviews to see which hair treatment Beauty Undercover Agent reviewers prefer and there seems to be a clear winner: Tokio Inkarami.
Based on the reviews, we come up with the Top 10 reasons why they love the hair treatment.

Milbon 3STEP Treatment S$85
“Milbon” 3 Step Hair Treatment $85 Is your hair dry and brittle from exposure to strong UV rays and humidity from the squalls? If so, “Milbon” 3-step treatment is your solution. The 3 steps – 1) Nourish 2) Veil 3) Seal – plus once a week treatment at home will keep your hair soft, silky and hydrated for up to 1 month.

Kansha Hair Design

At Delfi Orchard Address: 402 Orchard Road, #05-25 Delfi Orchard. Singapore 238876

TEL (65) 6733 0331

SMS (65) 9711 9295

Opening Hours:
Tue to Fri 10:00 – 20:00
Sat, Sun & PH 10:00 – 19:00

Book/inquire by phone, email, SMS, or the form below.

Today’s Hair Style | Purple Pink !

Today’s Hair Style | Purple Pink !

Kansha japanese hair salon! in Orchard! Cut (^^) and colour thank you coming to Kansha salon all ways! Hair done by Director Kohji matsunaga (^o^) #orchard#kanshahairdesign #kanshasg#singaporehairtrends #hairsalonsingapore#style #imagechange#hairstyles#sghair #sgsalon...